SMS Security is all about peace of mind because it ensures that your home and property is effectively protected. What is SMS Security? It is a security system that includes home alarms, perimeter alarms and CCTV for both residential and commercial establishments. A home alarm monitoring system works 24/7 to ensure that your home and business will never be vulnerable to outside threats.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and businesses only consider SMS Security after they have been burglarized. Any unauthorized entry would have been detected immediately if there is an SMS Security alarm system that will send a signal to a central monitoring system that is active every minute and every hour of a day.

Making a choice between the wired and wireless alarm system

Basically, the choice will be personal because both types of alarm system are effective. The wired alarm system has a slight edge when it comes it reliability while the wireless type can work efficiently in places where the wired system can’t be installed.

A security system works through a network of sensors with a control panel which can be wired or wireless. A control panel communicates with the outside world wirelessly through a cell phone that is linked to the system. In the fully wired system, the sensors are connected to the control panel through a network of wires. Communication with the outside world is through a phone line.

The wireless sensor network can be combined with a control panel that is wired to a landline connection and vice versa. However, the most common setup wherein the two types of system are combined is through the use of the hardwired phone line as the primary connection with the mobile phone as a backup when the phone line is down. Remember that burglars usually disconnect telephone lines before making an attempt to enter a property.

A critical component of a security alarm system is the monitoring center that has experienced and trained staff who will take appropriate action whenever they notice that something strange or out of the ordinary is going on within the premises. The proper authorities will be alerted to proceed to your property to provide assistance.



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